Wednesday, July 23, 2014

{CATTLE DRIVE} Evans Beefmaster Ranch Shoot 2014

So, as many of you already know, I have the world's coolest family ever. What you might NOT know, is I am obsessed with horses. I grew up riding with my family on our own horses, and every May, we all go down to Enterprise (by St. George, Utah) for the annual cattle drive. We spend a week chasing, herding, riding, branding, and loving together, and it is the world's best vacation. So when my dad told me the ranch had no real pictures of the drive, knowing me, you won't be surprised that I JUMPED on that opportunity.

I mean, horses AND photography
... Come on.

Enjoy the dirt and the love, and my super amazing family and the thing we love to do together. This year we missed my mom, Jabin, and his super awesome wife Megan, but the rest of us got to get tired and stinky on those 13 hour rides and corral days together. 
Love love love.

  these two were by my little missionary brother!!!

 My babies.

He is awesome.

This is the place my grandpa SCHOOLED me in a cotton candy eating contest. But really... SCHOOLED. 

 She was a hit.