Friday, December 19, 2014

{ Monica + Hali } River Hollow Park Wedding

This couple. This family. This wedding. 
Was the most beautiful, intimate experience, and we were so absolutely spoiled to get to capture it. 
The day started with sprinkling rain as the family gathered at the girls' apartment. Cornbread was made, memories shared, and Hali and Monica made their way upstairs to get dressed. Pictures and mementos provided the most perfect decorations, and they were all smiles as they got ready together.  

PS: This sweet couple bought each wedding guest (immediate family and close friends) a mug 
representing that guests' personality, & Rob and I were THRILLED that they thought of 
getting us one. You'll know it when you see it. Monica made all the cement decor herself, and the baby's breath she used the bouquet and boutonniere was a gorgeous addition to the wedding.

After we popped out onto their balcony for a few formals, we headed outside, with umbrellas in tow, to River Hollow Park. A close friend officiated the intimate ceremony, and after candle-lit vows and the world's biggest smiles all around, Monica and Hali were pronounced wife and wife. It was magical. The day ended with chili and cornbread, and the most delightful cupcakes accompanied with favorite records playing in the background. 

We had the most fun shooting these two and their sweet families, and are so excited for them to spend the rest of their lives with each other and their perfect love.